Bedda: Our waste separation partner

Munich, 23th August 2022 – With waste sorting instructions displayed on product packaging sleeves, bedda provides customers with at-a-glance information on the correct disposal of its packaging. The simple labels that explain correct waste separation are made available by Trennhinweis e. V. The shared goal is to increase the quantity and quality of recyclables collected in the yellow containers and sacks, thus enabling more high-quality recycling.

“Make a bedda world” – this philosophy is not only the guiding principle of bedda’s range of vegan products, but it also describes a comprehensive corporate strategy of sustainability. This strategy also encompasses making packaging sustainable and ensuring that recyclable materials are kept in the cycle through recycling. “A lot of our packaging is already 100 percent recyclable. However, they can only be recycled if consumers know how to properly seperate and dispose of our packaging,” explains Anna-Leonie Mahl, Marketing & Communication Manager at bedda. “The waste sorting labels on our packaging are a simple but effective tool to assist our customers with waste separation.”

Fans of bedda’s products can already find the waste sorting labels on the packaging sleeves of the bedda deli meat salad, Budapest salad and bedda chocolate pudding. In the next step, the packaging of the vegan fresh cream range will be redesigned to include waste sorting instructions in the future.

Waste sorting instructions – a guide and symbol for a more circular economy

The waste sorting labels show consumers at a glance where the packaging belongs: in the yellow container or sack, in the paper bin or in the container for glass. At the same time, the circular logo symbolises the recycling cycle. “According to a recent survey, 80 percent of consumers in Germany would like to see standardised waste sorting labels on packaging,” reports Dr Alexandra Ranzinger, Chairwoman of Trennhinweis e. V. “With our waste sorting labels we respond to this wish.” Trennhinweise e. V., an association established by dual systems, provides manufacturers and retailers with free, cross-manufacturer labels in flexible design options for printing on their product packaging. “With every new distributor using our waste sorting instructions and therefore helping consumers to dispose of their packaging correctly, we take another step towards a circular economy.”

In addition to the symbols for correct waste separation, Trennhinweis e. V. also provides manufacturers and retailers with QR codes that can also be printed on packaging. By scanning the QR code, consumers can access short informational videos about waste separation.

About BIGFOOD GROUP/ bedda

The Hamburg-based BIGFOOD GROUP develops, produces and markets versatile product solutions in line with modern trends and works together with all well-known food service and retail companies. In addition to fresh sauces, dips and dressings, the company specialises in the development of vegetable and fruit-based products without additives, soy, palm oil, flavour enhancers or gluten. With the bedda brand, the Hamburg-based company offers all flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans a variety of plant-based alternative products. bedda offers a wide selection of diverse product types – from spreads, vegan feta alternatives and slices, to new products such as drinks and desserts. According to the “Most Innovative Brands 2021” study by Handelsblatt, bedda ranked as one of the top 20 brands from a consumer perspective.

About Trennhinweis e. V.

Trennhinweis e. V. is committed to the qualitative and quantitative optimisation of the seperate collection of packaging waste. The association is a joint initiative of dual systems in Germany that are responsible for organising the collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging nationwide. Packaging manufacturers and retailers can print the waste sorting labels provided by the association on their sales packaging free of charge. The labels use easily understandable symbols and provide information on the correct separation and disposal of the packaging in question. Trennhinweis e. V. thus aims to educate consumers on the issue of waste separation and, by doing so, to ensure that more packaging is correctly recycled and fed back into the recycling cycle. This reduces the consumption of resources as well as CO2 emissions.

About the survey

The data used is based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH on behalf of the dual systems, in which 2025 people took part between 6th and 8th April 2022. The results are weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

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