Pfeilring: Our waste separation partner

Munich, 19th September 2022 – Pfeilring is committed to more recycling: with immediate effect, the well-known traditional company is printing waste sorting labels on its product packaging that show at a glance how to separate and dispose of the packaging correctly. The simple symbols for correct waste separation are provided by Trennhinweis e. V. The shared goal is to increase the quantities and quality of recyclables collected and thus enabling more high-quality recycling.

Pfeilring has been producing high-quality instruments in the fields of manicure, pedicure, and nail care since 1896. The combination of craftsmanship and innovation as well as high quality standards are as much a part of the core of the globally successful brand as responsible action. Keeping recyclable materials in circulation – to protect the climate and resources – is a goal of the Solingen-based company. For example, all Pfeilring blister packs are made of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate). In addition, as of now, the waste sorting labels of Trennhinweis e. V. on the product packaging inform customers about how to separate and dispose of the packaging correctly. “We take our product responsibility very seriously,” explains Joachim Hendrichs, Managing Director of Pfeilring GmbH. “This also includes proactively educating consumers about correct waste separation. Because without their help, the circular economy cannot function.”

The waste sorting labels are printed on the packaging of the following Pfeilring products: glass file, LED tweezers, cuticle knife, and blackhead remover. Other products will follow successively over the next two months.

Waste sorting labels – guidance and symbol for better recycling management

There is a great need for information on waste separation: according to a recent survey, 80 percent of consumers in Germany would like to see standardised labels on packaging that provide information on the correct disposal of the packaging in question. Trennhinweis e. V. responds to this wish. The association, which was founded by dual systems, provides packaging distributors with the waste sorting labels free of charge and in flexible design variants to be printed on their product packaging. The sorting labels show consumers at a glance how packaging should be disposed of: in yellow container or bag, paper bin, or glass containers. At the same time, the circular logo symbolizes the recycling cycle.

In addition to the symbols for correct waste separation, the association offers manufacturers QR codes that can also be printed on the packaging. By scanning the QR code, consumers can access short information videos about waste separation.

About Pfeilring

Pfeilring – a traditional brand from Solingen: Pfeilring products are known worldwide for their high quality and exceptional performance. The company has been producing high-quality instruments in the fields of manicure, pedicure, and nail care since 1896. Product development and manufacturing are located at the historic company headquarters in Solingen. The traditional production site in the heart of the city impressively demonstrates to this day that craftsmanship and innovation are not a contradiction in terms.

About Trennhinweis e. V.

Trennhinweis e. V. is committed to the qualitative and quantitative optimisation of the separate collection of packaging waste. Trennhinweis e. V. is a joint initiative of dual systems in Germany that are responsible for organising the collection, sorting, and recycling of used sales packaging nationwide. Manufacturers and retailers of packaging can print the waste sorting labels provided by the association on their sales packaging free of charge. With easy-to-understand symbols, the labels provide information on the correct separation and disposal of the respective packaging. The aim of Trennhinweis e. V. is to educate consumers about waste separation and thus to ensure that more packaging is recycled correctly and returned to the material cycle. This reduces the consumption of resources and CO2 emissions, thus helping to protect the environment.

About the survey

The data used is based on an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH on behalf of the dual systems, in which 2025 people took part between 06 and 08.04.2022. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

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